Hi everyone,
it's me, Chubbicorn80

Learn how to navigate the confusing world of Web3 and how to participate in the building of the future. I'm building this site in real time so please excuse the dust.

Learn and grow in Web3, good vibes only

Chubbicorn80 believes in constant learning and growth. Always be learning. The Chubbiversity is about having good vibes, learning with frens, and building community along the way.

Chubbiversity Features

Videos are fun

Don't want to read, just sit back and watch.
We like TV.

Multi-modal learning

Not everyone learns the same way, so we create different methods,
like memes.

Vetted Resources

Fake news? What's real? We're vetting the deets so you get the right info.


Not a dev? Can the devs help? They sure can.
We got tools.


Learn with memes, because memes are culture.

Visual first

We're visual. We like pictures. Pictures are fun.

Find your zen

Mental health is thrown around like a checkbox in this space. For me, mental health goes first, everything else comes in second. Your mental health is a competitive advantage, and the only thing that will help you survive and thrive in this space.